Agricultural Excavation

Algers Excavation Inc. is skilled at serving the needs of our agricultural customers.

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Water trough project.

Watering trough

Livestock will now have a place to drink year round without the farmer needing to break ice when the temperatures plunge below freezing. Best of all this was all done with minimal cost to the land owner.

Government grants will pay for up to 70% of installation costs for some projects that help preserve the watershed. Call us for details!

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Project Photos

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Cattle guard

New farm entrance complete with concrete cattle guard installation.

Farm Bridge

This heavy use area has been improved by the construction of a concrete bridge and the culvert pipe allows storm water to run off without causing further erosion.

Agricultural Operation

This area being prepared for it’s new dairy free stall barn.

This project began with an area consisting of an open field with a gentle slope.

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