Brush & Stump Clearing

Algers Excavation Inc. can clear your property of scrub brush and tree stumps quickly and efficiently.


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Excavator with powerful stump shear attachment.

Stump Shear

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Stumps and roots don’t stand a chance.

Stump Shear[/mantra-column] [/mantra-multi]


land clearing machineEliminating brush, stumps and other debris from your land can be beneficial in many ways. The degree of work done is always based on your individual needs and plans for how you want to use your land. Making your vision for your property a reality is our goal.

Land clearingAgricultural operations often require periodic clearing to make way for a new pasture, replanting of young fruit trees or cleaning up behind a timber operation.

Orchard clearingOur crews will not just “clear” your land in the easiest way possible. We will do so in a manner that is sensitive to the environment and in accordance with best practices.

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