Residential Excavation

Home and property owners can call on Algers Excavation Inc. for all of their heavy equipment needs.

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Excavation Services for New Construction

New house lay out


[/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”1/2″]New construction of entire houses or additions begin with laying out and marking where the footings will be dug and formed. Algers Excavation Inc. has the tools and experience to get this accomplished.

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Driveway “Before” & “After” new stone application.

Drive Way in need of stone. Algers Excavation Service

Algers Excavation Inc. can provide not only the excavation and grading services for this project but also the hauling and spreading of stone.

This lane is now completed with a uniform layer of crushed stone. From clearing trees to spreading stone Algers Excavation Inc. provides turn key service.


Home playgrounds provide children and families a place to play and be together. We can level an area and help you build your ideal play area for the kids.



Spreading large quantities of mulch is a breeze using our skid loader.

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 Septic System Installations

Installing septic systems from start to finish is something Algers Excavation Inc. does well.

Septic system instal


Alternative septic systems will be installed per your engineers specification and in accordance with local laws.

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